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Find out more about how we got started, and hopefully when you can see our journey, you'll understand why we put so much love into each one of our gifts!

From our home studio, we create personalised presents that are the perfect way to show that you care.

Vickie, founder of Little Creative Place

My love for sewing and making these fabric hearts started back in 2014 when my now teenage sons were much younger.

Spending much time alone with two young boys, one of whom has Autism was quite a challenge and I realised how important it was to make time for myself and have some much needed ‘time out’.

Remembering I had a sewing machine stored away in the loft, I decided to bring it down one day and taught myself to sew various items. Watching videos and reading books, I would sit there in the evening at my dining room table when the lads had gone to bed looking for my next project to have a go at. This provided me with so much comfort and enjoyment.


It was one summer, just as the lads were about to break up for the school holidays that I decided to make gifts for their teachers, that’s when I started to make these cute heart gifts.

I started gifting them to friends and family and posting pictures on my personal Facebook page for feedback and it wasn’t long before it was suggested that I should sell them online.

Not having anything to lose and the possibility of making a little extra cash from doing something I loved to do sounded like a great idea and so that’s when Little Creative Place was born!

I came up with the name Little Creative Place as that’s where I spent most evenings. Also referred to as the dining room! 

As a company we are now excited to included ceramic decorations, occasion cards, Mugs, Candles, and dog bandanas to our collection.
Most of our keepsakes can be personalised, and come complete with a gift box with the added option to have a personalised message inside for the recipient, making it that extra special.
We do accept custom orders too, so if you don't see exactly what you would like, the chances are we can create it for you.

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